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Sarah Alyse Duffey - Facebook

“Over many many years has Fannin Preschool been my place of choice. Each of my siblings and myself have went there for preschool. I now send my kids there as well. Having the teachers I had teach my own children gives me great comfort in knowing they are well taken care of and are learning everything they can. I recommend FCPS to anyone and everyone.”

— Sarah Alyse Duffey — Facebook, Feb. 2017
Carina Walker - Facebook

“This preschool provides the perfect foundation for instilling a love of learning and to ensure that your little one is ready for kindergarten. My little girl loves her class and absolutely loves the wonderful teachers, Ms. Callihan and Ms. Tuttle! This is a wonderful little place and you and your child will not be disappointed!”

— Carina Walker — Facebook, Feb. 2017
Keri Lackey VanZandt - Facebook

“Fannin County Preschool is a asset to the community. The teacher's Mrs. Callihan and Mrs. Tuttle are very carrying,loving and knowledgeable. I attended as a child myself and have lots of memories to which I cherish. I am so thankful that Wyatt is going to preschool there. He knew some basic things when he started but has learned so much. He is 4 yrs old and can say his ABC's the pledge of alligence and even count. He loves and looks forward to going to preschool. Just want to say thank you to the teachers for what they do. Fannin County Preschool and the staff are awesome and I appreciate your time and efforts you put into our children.”

— Keri Lackey VanZandt — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Patrick Lindstrom - Facebook

“All 4 of my daughters have completed 2 years at Fannin County Preschool. Haley started them out in the early 90's and Mrs Satterfield and Mrs Lohr were her teachers. Then Allie began in the late 90's with Mrs Lohr and Mrs Callihan. Riley and Reesecup came along and there was absolutely no other place we would send them! Wonderful atmosphere and love abounds everywhere. Definitely a place that prepares the children for the next step in education. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers for teaching my children and you know I love you all!”

— Patrick Lindstrom — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Sue Rogers - Facebook

“We love the Fannin County Preschool, all of our babies had went there an now in high school, we are so happy that now our grandson is there. Austin loves his teachers, Mrs.Callihan, and Mrs Tuttle. So thankful to have great teachers.”

— Sue Rogers — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Tammy Smith - Facebook

“My family loves Fannin County Preschool and their wonderful teachers! My oldest son attended during the 2003-2004 school year with Mrs. Lohr and Mrs. Callihan and he loved every minute of it. These wonderful teachers made such an impact on him that this summer as I was preparing our youngest to start in the fall he would tell his little brother how much fun he had and how much he loved his teachers... all those years later and he still remembered preschool! Now that our youngest is attending he too loves the school and his teachers, Mrs. Callihan and Mrs. Tuttle so much that he gets upset on the days that he doesn't have school! I can't say enough about how great this school and their staff are!”

— Tammy Smith — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Nichole Davenport - Facebook

“Most loving, caring, Christ centered school! I went when I was little and both my children have and are attending! Michele Callihan and Roseann Tuttle are true blessing to our children! And (Sandy) too.”

— Nichole Davenport — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Jessica Queen - Facebook

“Fannin County Preschool has been such a blessing to us. I watched my son enter the preschool a shy, intimidated, anxious little boy and then watched him leave a happy, confident, and friendly child. He entered Kindergarten prepared and sure of himself. The friends he made during his preschool years are still his friends today and the skills he acquired helped the transition to grade school seamless. I recommend this school every chance I get. It truly does shape a child's outlook on school for years afterward.”

— Jessica Queen — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Janet Buchanan - Facebook

“My journey through Fannin Co Preschool began in 2004 and continued through 2012. I had six grandchildren attend during this eight year period. All of my grandchildren are different and the school met the needs of all. When they graduated, they were not only kindergarten ready, but had been taught respect, manners, and friendship. God, church, and the Bible are subjects that can be discussed freely. My grandchildren loved "Miss Sandy and Miss Callihan"! They are treated as if they were their own children. When you drop your children off you know they are well taken care of until you return. I would not change a thing about my experience with the school. Fannin Co Preschool rates a 10+ on my list!”

— Janet Buchanan — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Vicki Seabolt - Facebook

“Fannin County Preschool has been a wonderful part of my family...Children and grandchildren. A excellent place for your child's first start to education.”

— Vicki Seabolt — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Sheila Davis Taylor - Facebook

“Fannin County Preschool...such an amazing and wonderful place. Both of my children attended for a total of four years. They will both tell you it was some of the best years of their lives. As a mother it was stressful for me to send my babies off to school, but it didn't take long to realize they were in good hands. The teachers treated them as if they were their own. They were always available to answer any questions I may have had. The kids learned so much during those years that have helped to mold them into who they are today. I would highly recommend Fannin County Preschool to anyone!”

— Sheila Davis Taylor — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Candace Cochran - Facebook

“This is an awesome school for children can't say enough had a child attend and the teachers always go above and beyond to make the children feel special”

— Candace Cochran — Facebook, Feb. 2015
Debby Sutton Couture - Facebook

“Wonderful Teachers that really care!”

— Debby Sutton Couture — Facebook, Feb. 2015