About Our Programs

The Fannin County Preschool is located at 94 Friendship Road in Blue Ridge, Georga. It is a two year program for three and four year olds that helps the child to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and to develop a positive attitude toward learning.

We are a non-profit organization that operates solely on tuition received monthly. We receive no funds from State, Federal, or County governments.

We have been serving our community for 50 years. Our program started as a Vista Program in 1972 and was incorporated into a Preschool in 1976. We started out as a half day class and today we are proud to offer two classes each day while serving all area counties. Our preschool does not discriminate against any child.


Three Year Olds - Two Day Program

We offer a 2 Day Class on Tuesday and Thursday for children who will be three years of age by September 1st. This class consists of social interaction with children their age. We also work with manners, sharing, penmanship, forming and recognizing letters, obeying rules, and basic skills such as the alphabet, shape recogniziton, following directions, working with hand-eye corridination and visual conceptions.

Four Year Olds - Three Day Program

We offer a 3 Day Class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for children who will be four on September 1st. This class is more advanced. Most of our three year olds have graduated up into this class and are preparing for kindergarten. Along with what has been taught the year before, this class schedule will include a variety of kindergarten prepatory skills such as recognition of upper case and lower case letters, recognition of numbers, student's address, phone numbers, tying shows, full name, learning body parts, recognizing and drawing shapes, verbalizing the alphabet, and many more skills. We also have many hands on experiments, community visitors (firemen, policemen, etc.) and we participate in many charitable events (food drives, empty stocking fund, etc.) We believe these are important learning experiences for children.